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  • Race is a time trial, so riding in a slipstream is not allowed.
  • The minimum distance between cyclists is 50m, and behind the following car of another rider the minimum is 100m.
  • Overtaking another cyclist must be done in 1 minute. Before starting his maneuver of overtaking, the overtaken rider must fall 50m behind a rider who has overtaken him (or 100m if there is a follow car behind him).
  • It is also not allowed to ride alongside each other.
  • At time stations, the competitor must stop and sign on the list of arrivals.
  • The following car is allowed on the long route 850km. During the day, the cyclist is followed in a leap-frog mode (direct follow behind a rider is not allowed), at night, direct follow behind the cyclist is permitted, but not mandatory.
  • The front and rear lights are obligatory day and night!
  • At night, the rider is adviced to wear a fluorescent vest and may add fluorescent ribbons above the ankle.
  • Night time from 20:00 to 6:30
  • The route will not be marked, it is required to use the navigation device, GPX Track will be available on the home page and sent by email.
  • Feeding food and drinks from the follow vehicle is only allowed when the direct follow is allowed (nights) and you are not interfering the normal traffic.
  • The use of external sound systems on a follow vehicle (for music playing or instructions) is not allowed.


Additional rules for SPRINT:

  • No external support is allowed! Cyclists must be self-sufficient, ready for all weather conditions, for replacing the flat tires, etc.
  • Changing the bicycle is not permitted, you have to use the same bicycle from start to finish.
  • It is mandatory to use a navigation device (Garmin and the like), the GPX route will be published on and sent by email.
  • At the control points in Kranjska gora, Tolmin and Razdrto, food (fruits, energy bars, gels) and drinks (isotonic drinks) will be provided by the organizer.
  • In addition, it will be possible to prepare your bag(s) with food, spare clothes, etc. that the organizer will deliver to the agreed checkpoint (or more).