Dobrovnik is situated at the North-East of Slovenia, close to Hungarian, Austrian and Croation border. If you are arriving with a plane, the airports to consider are


  Distance Driving to Dobrovnik
Graz (Austria) 113 km 1 hr 10 min
Vienna (Austria) 222 km 2 hr 50 min
Ljubljana (Slovenia) 194 km 2 hr 10 min
Zagreb (Croatia) 153 km 1 hr 40 min
Bratislava (Hungary) 257 km 2 hr 56 min









Dobrovnik is located in tourist area, you will find lots of sleeping possibilities in close by spa centers in Moravske Toplice (Panonska vas, Terme Vivat,...) or local B&B, apartments, small hotels. Just look at booking or airbnb sites, put down Dobrovnik, Slovenia.



Dobrovnik 15, 9223 Dobrovnik - Dobronak
Phone: +386 2 579 12 63



There is also motorhome camping ground by the lake Bukovnisko jezero. In the embrace of old trees in the immediate vicinity of the lake, the chapel of St.Vida is proudly located, along with the bubbling water of the same name, which has energy and a number of healing effects. 26 energy points of beneficial and healing radiation offer relaxation and renewal of vital energies. There is also located the adventure park.


Camping ground info:

Zavod za okolje in turizem Dobrovnik


Phone: +386 41 349 927



Close by the cycling track in Dobrovnik, you can visit the Tropical garden Ocean Orchids, where colorful orchids and exotic plants in the tropical garden are inviting you.